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Sabie Game Park, Mozambique

By working with major Service Delivery Partners, the Sabie Game Park is introducing a wide range of innovative Agricultural and Community Development initiatives into the wider area where the game park is located. The development of the Park and its environs will dramatically change for the better, the lives and futures prospects of many local Mozambicans. It is already enjoying the wholehearted support of the relevant Government, Provincial, Local Authorities and Communities.

The Park has undertaken, and completed at its own expense, various developmental initiatives in the area. See

Community meeting

Village celebration, meat and food from the hunters

Newly constructed school built with hunter’s dollars

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Coutada 11, Mozambique

The Zambezi Delta Safaris anti-poaching unit now consists of 22 men. We have a 12 month presence in the area. New tactics and plans are discussed on a daily basis. Ambushes are set and areas patrolled. The poachers, now more than ever, know if they poach in Coutada 11, there is a big chance of being caught.

This unit is mobile, with a Land Cruiser and a Bike squad. Our motorbike unit is a quick reaction unit. It consists of 5 bush bikes with 4 rangers and Craig. They are able to follow foot paths and access areas that you can normally only get to on foot. They are also able to cover a very big area in a day.

Another advantage of this unit is that if a PH sees any sign of poaching he can radio in and within 30 minutes the unit can be deployed. The rest of the unit do daily foot patrols and frequently set ambushes primarily targeting the routes used to take the meat out of the area.

In addition to salaries, the rangers receive a reward for each gin trap brought in (about 50{d8c4a4b0421f01a023576b3dd9cec6fa9d1a92a8d34eb90776c9fbbcde5cacf5} of the street value). We now see less and less of these cruel devices.

The anti-poaching success in the area speaks for itself

29 tons of meat delivered to the communities in 2017

The anti-poaching team’s successful gin trap removal program

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