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In the wake of increasing criticism levelled at the hunting industry – taking place against a background of a general misunderstanding of what it does and how this benefits both conservation and social upliftment – it is no longer feasible to talk about hunters’ humanitarian efforts in financial terms and benefits alone.

Anecdotal evidence no longer suffices when the hunting industry is asked to substantiate its claims of community engagement. All the schools, roads, clinics and crèches our associations build, all the monetary donations it makes, all the jobs and dependants it supports, and all the legally hunted carcasses it gives for food – all of these have to be measured so that the hunting industry can give the public a proper account of its positive impact on rural development.

The food security that professional hunting provides, particularly in areas where livestock-reared meat is expensive and difficult to access, is key to countering the misperception that professional hunting is a wasteful activity. It is estimated that professional hunting produces around 2.6 million tonnes of meat every year, a significant proportion of which is donated to schools, orphanages, old age homes and villages.

In many instances these Hunter’s Support Campaigns are ongoing in both the city environment and in the rural areas. Our main focus is to support our member’s endeavours with their social responsibility projects.

Let’s show the world what the hunting fraternity is doing for both conservation and humanity and be able to proudly defend it.

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