Hunters Support

Our Goal

The Plan

The intention of the Foundation is to recruit and assist member pro-wildlife utilisation organisations, offering them our fundraising services, planning and event organisational expertise, project support, as well as arranging public relation engagements on their behalf.

The focus of our efforts is to identify and find funding to support these conservation projects with far-reaching environmental and social wellbeing campaigns that benefit both hunting/fishing and society at large.

In the process we will endeavour to spread a sustainable utilisation advocacy message, as well as why responsible hunting and fishing is such an important conservation tool for the survival of wildlife when social and economic benefits can be derived from a legal sustainable off take. Wildlife, therefore can be a very profitable commodity to rural communities and once the value benefit has been created there is a greater incentive to use the natural resource more responsibly.

For example, look how many draught horses there used to be in the UK. Now farmers use tractors for ploughing instead of horses and these horses are now on the brink of extinction as they no longer have value to the farmers.

Wildlife will flourish when it has a value, so it is important for us to create that value.


The Foundation aims to raise funds through sponsorships and donor programmes to attain the aims and objectives of the Foundation.

A core objective of the Foundation is to marshal and optimise the delivery pipeline, thus ensuring that a substantial portion (85%) of the donor funding flows through to the projects on the ground with the balance being used for administration fees (15%) and used towards the planning and organising of fundraising events.

If you would like to support these conservation projects and social responsibility campaigns, please contact us or the members involved.

In closing, all donations made to the Foundation may be earmarked to a specific project of your choice from the numerous projects that we support.


During the course of the year the Foundation will plan and host numerous fundraising events on behalf of the member organisations. These will include member’s special events like fundraising gala dinners, auctions, variety concerts, shooting and fishing competitions.

Project Management

Apart from overseeing the well being of the projects, the Foundation will also assist to identify mentors, possible partners, project implementation agents and technical advisors to implement the projects. The intention is that these projects will become self-sufficient, with the focus being on building capacity to avoid long-term donor dependency.

Future Planning

The idea is to engage with the hunting fraternity to develop innovative self-funding membership participation schemes for the various projects we undertake and in the process to ensure that there are also tangible benefits to be had by the members and their employees.

We need to develop our own in-house membership funding systems in the future to minimise our dependency on international grant funding from our international hunting allies around the world.