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The Hunters 4 Habitat Projects is one of the most important wildlife conservation management tools available in the remote rural areas of the country for our food security and long-term economic survival of those employees, communities and custodians of the land, where often no other alternative socio-economic and employment opportunities exist.

The activities of the Foundation are vast and include the active participation in numerous conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable wildlife utilisation programmes. Our primary goal is to conserve the wildlife habitat, along with the biodiversity of fauna and flora for future generations.

High Profile Project

The Foundation’s active support in numerous conservation, rehabilitation and wildlife management programmes include a private initiative to undertake one of the biggest privately sponsored international projects of its kind to date, namely, the Leopard Research Project undertaken by Tshwane University of Technology. This project initially includes numerous other predators and will be expanded to incorporate all species as and when finances become available.

This purpose of this scientifically based project is to determine the current status and distribution of leopards in Southern Africa in order to monitor population trends and will be extended to include all the SADC countries. This ongoing stock taking exercise will provide meaningful, reliable scientific data for government and international wildlife based organisations, such as the IUCN, CITES and US Fish and Wildlife Services to make judgment calls on a species vulnerability and whether it needs protection or not. Being a long-term ongoing private sector research initiative, funding is essential for this project and the Foundation will be prioritising its efforts to ensure the future of this project.

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