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About IWFF


The International Wildlife Fellowship Foundation was founded by a number of individuals who were previously Directors of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) Conservation and Empowerment Fund.

All the Founding Directors having a strong belief in the role, principles and the efforts they contributed towards while serving on the PHASA Fund and decided to register and start a new independent Foundation.


To support advocates of ethical and sustainable utilisation of natural resources that encompasses the true spirit of Ubuntu.


The Foundation is a non-profit company with the following aims and objectives:

  • To raise funds for the promotion of hunting advocacy and related hunting support awareness structures
  • To promote and secure the future of responsible and ethical professional hunting internationally and in Africa
  • To provide logistical and financial support for ethical hunting and angling associations towards conservation research
  • To promote and improve the image of professional hunting
  • To support and promote biodiversity conservation through the wise and sustainable use of wildlife
  • To market the importance of the socio-economic benefits that can be derived from sustainable wildlife utilisation
  • To advance transformation within and surrounding the hunting industry through social responsibility upliftment programmes, especially in the rural areas
  • To explore opportunities to mentor and incubate small and medium enterprise partnerships within rural communities to ensure that they become part of the value chain of the sustainable use of wildlife sector.
  • To equip the International Hunting Client and Sportsman and their Governments and representatives with credible information to defend the noble sport of hunting at all levels.

2018 BOARD

A minimum of eight Directors will serve on the Board for a period of two years. These Directors will incorporate founder members, invited members who can bring value to the Board and representatives elected by the associations affiliated to the Foundation.

Rupert Brown
Fritz Rabe
Sandy McDonald
Peter Ruddle



Retha van der Merwe has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer to head up the organisation, bringing with her many years of fundraising experience and a passion for helping the less fortunate.

Not only is Retha involved in our fundraising projects, she also heads up our City Social Responsibility campaigns supporting over 2000 underprivileged and disadvantaged adults and children with regular food aid and other essential products donated by our loyal supports.

Cash Donations 

We thank all those who have contributed towards the Foundation and anyone wanting to contribute can do so by contacting Retha directly to make the necessary arrangements.

Tax Exemptions

The Foundation is in the process of registering as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), which means that bona fide donations, whether from a company or an individual, will be entitled to a South African 18A tax certificate. Tax-deductible certificates can be arranged for all USA donations with our Foundation partners.  Terms and Conditions apply.


All donors, potential donors and sponsors seeking any information relating to the Foundation, please feel free to contact the IWFF office.

Projects & Campaigns

Our conservation projects (Hunters 4 Habitat) and social responsibility campaigns (Hunters Support) are constantly being updated with wish-lists varying from hard cash, food, building materials, clothing, linen, toiletries, etc. Remember that second hand goods that may be one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.